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What is a sensitivity reader?

Sensitivity readers take a close look over your copy to ensure that you are not perpetuating bias or stigma, while helping you to develop well-rounded and nuanced work that best reflects the human experience.

We all live with certain biases, which affect the way that we look at – and respond to – the world around us. Part of my role as a mental health sensitivity reader is to help you pick these apart, to challenge them, and to reframe the way that we think, speak, and write about mental illness. Misrepresentation, stigma, and stereotypes have a real-world effect – preventing people from reaching out, or prompting them to internalise feelings of fear and shame. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As a mental health sensitivity reader and consultant, I will look over your copy in detail to check that is it in line with the latest guidelines from leading professional bodies, and consider wider themes and nuances of your work to ensure that mental health topics are represented respectfully and appropriately. This process is all about dropping harmful cliches and stereotypes, and challenging yourself to present multifaceted and honest themes in your work.

Together, we will develop your copy and dive into the complex topic of mental health, elevating your work and empowering you to explore sensitive experiences with care.

Particular areas I will look for:

  • Sensitive and up-to-date terminology
  • Correct understanding of mental health support and services processes
  • Nuanced representation of mental illness
  • Bias and stigmatising language and themes
  • Approach to triggering topics and scenes

I am available to read manuscripts, ad and website copy, non-fiction, memoirs, picture books – and all fiction genres including YA, children’s, crime, horror, romance, literary, fantasy, and more.

I have worked with major publishing houses in the UK and US, as well as independent authors, and companies seeking copy advice. 

What can I expect from a mental health sensitivity reader?

Before I begin your sensitivity read, I will look for an outline of your work along with your goals, any concerns, and vision for your work. In your initial message, please give an overview of the work, including a word count, genre, and desired turnaround.

My rates begin at £250, and vary depending on the length of the project and the desired turnaround.

I will then undertake a detailed sensitivity read of your work and will return your manuscript to you – fully annotated with commentary, notes on areas to address, points on themes, suggested edits, and further recommended reading if appropriate.

Please note, I will not be reviewing grammar, punctuation, or general narrative or editorial points.


To enquire into my services, please use the contact form below – outlining your project and needs.

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