I am a mental health journalist and am the Head Writer at Happiful magazine, where I have been since joining the team in 2017 as Editorial Assistant. Since then, I have worked across all sections of the monthly print and online magazine and website.

In my time at Happiful, I have had the opportunity to work on investigative features, meaningful and uplifting stories, and interview cultural trailblazers – and you will find a selection of these pieces on this site. 

Happiful is a lifestyle magazine devoted to mental health and, as such, my writing focuses on sensitive, personal topics which I always strive to handle with the utmost care. I am consistently touched by the willingness of those who share their experiences with me to open up about something that has been stigmatised for so long.

Mental health is a topic that I feel passionately about, and I am happy to speak to attitudes towards mental health stigma, prevalence, cultural relevance, and progress on podcasts, panels, and shows. Browse some of my previous appearances. 

If you have a story for Happiful or would like to share a press release, please email me on kathryn.wheeler@happiful.com. For anything else, please reach me via my contact page

Kathryn Wheeler interviews actor, author, and campaigner Mara Wilson

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