Whether you’re self-publishing or looking to submit your manuscript to agents and publishers, I can help you bring your work to an excellent standard that helps your story shine

What can I expect?

A copyedit is a thorough process for ensuring your work is accurate, clear, correct, and consistent. I will check your manuscript for mistakes and issues that affect the flow and readability of your work. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Punctuation, ensuring correct and consistent use. 
  • Spelling (including checking for UK Vs US spellings) and typing errors. 
  • Repetition. 
  • Consistent style (capitalisations, italics, spelling of names and places, numbers, and more), including meeting style guides where appropriate.
  • Correct syntax and usage. 
  • Query factual errors and fact-check where appropriate. 
  • Clarity and general readability. 
  • Formatting issues (double spaces, headers and footers, page numbers, font, margins, etc.) 
  • Checking sources and links.

The way I work

I am passionate about making publishing a welcoming and accessible industry for all, which is why I will work diligently to help you make your manuscript the best it can be for an affordable price. If you have additional requirements, or prefer to work in a particular way – for example, working in chapter installments – simply let me know.


I am currently offering reduced rates until early 2024, and will be able to send you a competitive quote upon learning more about your project. I require a non-refundable 25% deposit to accept your booking, and the outstanding balance will be due to be paid via invoice within 30 days of completion. 

Reach out for a quote

Please use the form below to reach out to me for a quote. Tell me about your project, its wordcount, if you have a deadline to work to, and any additional requirements or questions you may have. 

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