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Wellbeing lessons we can learn from children

Recapture those free and easy days with these tips Ah, the olden days – a time when we could lose an entire morning to imaginary games that took us on journeys to other worlds, dabble in the arts with no thought to how the end project might measure up, and skip on down the road without a care about who might see us. OK, we’ll take the rose-tinted glasses off for a minute to admit that growing up isn’t always plain sailing – but there’s a lot we adults can learn from children when it comes to e

Employers see increase in staff disclosing mental health problems

Following the pandemic, new research has revealed an increase in the number of employees disclosing mental health problems to HR leaders In research commissioned by employee experience platform Benefex, a series of online interviews with more than 200 employers has revealed that 87% have seen an increase in the numbers of employees disclosing mental health problems, including 82% seeing staff reporting feelings of loneliness in greater numbers, too. Of course, this news does not come entirely

How can baking improve wellbeing?

What is it that makes baking such a soothing, evocative pastime? There’s something ritualistic about baking. Laying out the ingredients (running to the corner shop to pick up the one thing you forgot), weighing the quantities, working everything together, putting it in the oven, taking it out of the oven (discovering a wobbly centre and putting it back in again), letting it cool, and serving it up (with the assurance that ‘looks aren’t everything’). For many, it’s a comforting, mindful, evocati

What is feng shui and how can we apply it in our homes?

Learn the basics of feng shui and create a peaceful, balanced home You’ve probably heard the term before, but how much do you really know about feng shui, its history, and the ways we can apply its principles in our own homes? First, let’s go back to the beginning. Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of positioning buildings and objects within a space to achieve a sense of harmony and balance. Its roots are in Taoism – a philosophical and spiritual tradition of Chinese origin. Taoists believe

7 lessons we’ve learned from Adele

As the singer, songwriter, and crafter of emotional masterpieces releases her latest single 'Easy on Me', we’re reflecting on the wellbeing lessons we can take from Adele Think moving masterpieces, and a lot of people will immediately point to Adele, whose searingly honest tracks have been taking us on journeys through the human experience since she released her first album, 19, in 2008. Since then, Adele has taken her time with the release of subsequent albums, honing in her craft to deliver

How can sugar affect our mental health?

What’s the relationship between sugar and mental health, and how can we make sure it’s a balanced one? Sugar plays a huge role in our food culture, packed into tasty treats and everyday snacks. That said, it’s fair to say the sweet stuff doesn’t have the best press, with the way that it can negatively affect our physical health widely known and accepted – but is there a relationship between sugar and our mental health? Does consumption have any effect on our wellbeing, and how can we make sure

Common micro stressors and how to tackle them

Spot the micro stressors in your life and take steps to soothe them Stress is something that all of us experience – it can come and go, or affect us over long periods of time. This stress can come from a number of different places, and we can often trace them back to big events in our lives. But something you may not be so aware of is the way that micro stressors affect our wellbeing. So, what are micro stressors? They’re the smaller things in our lives that pile up to drain us – depleting our

Poor mental health is UK’s most common medical complaint

Ahead of physical illnesses, research finds that mental health problems are now the UK’s most common medical complaint One in four people will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime – and, now, according to new research from not-for-profit healthcare provider Beneden Health, poor mental health has become the most common medical complaint for adults in the UK. Broken down into age brackets, and assessing the rates of mental health problems in the past two years, it was discovered

The period problem: Can the future be green?

As tampon brand Lil-Lets announce they’re ditching plastic packaging for good, we speak to the activist who inspired the move, and delve into tips for positive change In the UK, it’s estimated that tampons, pads, and applicators generate approximately 200,000 tonnes of waste every year – to put that into perspective, that’s about seven and a half times as heavy as the Statue of Liberty. And while there is something liberating about making period care as easy and streamlined as possible, the imp

Wellness tools: fab or fad?

A favourite on social media, the gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine tool made out of semi precious stones such as rose quartz, jade, and crystalline, used for facial massage. Used by applying medium pressure and ‘scraping’ the skin on your face in specific patterns, you may have come across videos claiming that gua shas can completely transform your facial structure. There’s no evidence to support this, but a massage can be incredibly soothing, particularly if you hold tension in your jaw

50 affirmations to help kids build confidence

Help the children in your life uplift themselves with these affirmations for kids Affirmations are simple sentences that we can repeat to set intentions and to uplift and support ourselves. They can help us when things get tough, and can feel like a comforting pat on the back on hard days. And they really do work, with research into this technique first starting in the 80s and a recent study from 2016 finding MRI evidence that suggests particular neural pathways are increased when people pract

How to stop shame spirals in their tracks

When emotions run high, and it feels like you’re stuck on a slippery downward slope, follow these tips to find balance again It’s something that a lot of us may have experienced, and the result can be a knocked sense of self-confidence, and ongoing feelings of anxiety. When it comes to shame spirals, what may have begun as a small issue – e.g. being late for a meeting – can escalate into something much bigger as you begin to berate yourself to an excessive degree. “A shame spiral happens when

Study highlights the extent of schizophrenia stigma

In the study, researchers uncovered the extent of the stigmatisation of schizophrenia, as well as common misconceptions, highlighting the way this impacts those who live with it In the last decade, an immense amount of work has been done to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health, and the people who live with mental illnesses. But it's clear that there’s still much work left to be done, as a new study highlighted when its findings uncovered the extent of stigmatisation surrounding the condi

9 phrases to de-escalate conflict

Learn to manage conflict sensitively and calmly, with these handy phrases When emotions are running high, the way that we phrase our thoughts and feelings can help keep difficult conversations productive and kind. Next time you’re trying to navigate conflict, use these phrases to help you keep the peace, without neglecting your needs and boundaries 1. I would prefer to return to this conversation when we’re both feeling less emotional It’s important to understand that you can, and should, put

4 lessons we’ve learned from the professionals on MAFS UK

Married at First Sight UK is well underway, and, as the couples navigate their new relationships, there’s a lot we at home can take from the professionals’ advice It’s the show that professionally matchmakes couples, then follows them as they enter into marriage and navigate the trials and tribulations of newlywed life – all while getting to know each other, for the first time. And while this format inevitably makes for evocative entertainment, the watchful eye of the therapists, as well as gr

What is negging?

Learn to spot the signs of this manipulative form of emotional abuse By nature, emotional abuse is malicious and detrimental – but, in some cases, it can also be subtle and sneaky, running under the radar while still knocking an individual’s sense of freedom, and even their sense of self. ‘Negging’ is one such example, and the sly tactics employed by the abuser can have a lasting impact on the victim, undercutting their confidence and increasing their reliance on the individual. “Negging refer

What are the benefits of laughter yoga?

Laughter yoga classes are taking off around the world, so Happiful’s Kathryn Wheeler signed up for a session to discover the serious benefits behind having a chuckle It’s 3pm on a Monday, and I’m sat in front of my laptop, ready to join a virtual laughter yoga class. When I first stumbled across the idea of ‘laughter yoga’, in my mind’s eye I envisioned a group of people heartily laughing while in traditional yoga poses – similar to my own reaction every time I poorly attempt downward facing do

Staff who rely on tips are more likely to be sexually harassed

Those who rely on tips, and who must be friendly at work, could be more likely to be subjected to sexual harassment Research from the University of Notre Dame, Pennsylvania State University, and emlyon business school, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, has recently evaluated the experiences of employees who rely on tips for a living, discovering that those who have to provide ‘service with a smile’ are more likely to experience sexual harassment in the workplace. During the inves

Six gynaecological cancer myths a doctor wants you to know about

Be aware of these common gynaecological cancer myths and misconceptions September marks gynaecological cancer awareness month, bringing with it an opportunity to reflect on the ways gynaecological cancer can touch our lives, and the signs and symptoms to be aware of. Each year, more than 21,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer – the five main types being cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, and vulval. And yet, a study from Bupa Health Clinics reports that one in 10 b

5 things you should know about group therapy

Could group therapy be right for you? Here’s what really goes on during sessions Doing what it says on the tin, group therapy is a psychological therapy that takes place in a group setting, rather than one-to-one. Available on the NHS and privately, these sessions bring together people with similar problems, to create a supportive, inclusive environment. But what actually happens in them? Here, with the help of counsellor Nicola Ockwell, we explore five key questions about group therapy. What
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