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Mindfulness tips for hot weather

Keep your cool with these soothing mindfulness tips for coping with hot weather The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and you’re flustered, fed-up, and ready for winter. Though we may miss it when it’s gone, there’s no denying that when temperatures skyrocket things start to get uncomfortable pretty quickly. We may find that that we’re more irritable and less able to deal with the daily challenges that come our way – or maybe the heat is weighing us down, leaving us feeling tired and sluggish.

Try the breathing technique that improves your concentration

If you’re struggling to stay focused, improve your concentration with this expert-recommended breathing technique Staying focused, it’s often easier said than done. We’re living in an age of distraction, with the collected wealth of human knowledge accessible in seconds via our smartphones, push-notifications lighting up our screens, and not to mention IRL distractions which seep into our concentration bubbles. Beyond that, when we’re having bad mental health days, our concentration can be one

Robert Douglas on fatherhood and Black Lives Matter

Blogger Robert Douglas's feed is full of family joys, mixed with important takes on the issues of today. Here, he speaks about Black fatherhood, everyday racism, and the power of the online community Hi Robert! What drew you to begin blogging your family life? I’d just joined Instagram in 2016, and I came across dad blogger Simon Hooper, ‘Father of Daughters’. I was following his journey, and I connected with more dads, but then I quickly realised that the space was predominantly white. There

1.69 million people referred to talking therapies last year

Latest report finds that the number of people being referred to talking therapies was up 5.7% from the previous year One in four people will experience mental health problems at some point in their lives. And yet, despite its commonality, reaching out for help can often be a tricky first step. But according to this year’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme annual report, more people than before are accessing talking therapies and moving on with their recovery journeys

How to discover your identity

What makes us who we are? With help from a psychotherapist, we explore what happens when we lose our identity, and look at the ways we can get back in touch with the person we truly are We all fit into different ‘boxes’, capturing our relationships, our roles in the world, and our interests – and from these boxes, we start to build an idea of our characters. But when it comes to developing a healthy and strong sense of identity, box-ticking and labels can only take us so far, occasionally limit

What is friluftsliv?

For many people across the Scandinavian countries, getting in touch with nature is a value that shapes their lives and their wellbeing. So why does it have such a profound effect on our mental health? Do you ever walk outside, take a deep breath, and instantly feel soothed? There’s a gentle breeze hitting your cheeks, the air feels fresh, and you can hear the sounds of the natural world meandering slowly around you. There’s something special about being outside, and – after months in lockdown

5 tips for creating a memory box

Crafting a memory box can help us cherish the moments that matter most to us. Here's how to start your collection Time flies and, before you know it, the moments that brought us so much joy are a thing of the past. But we don’t have to let those feelings slip away. Keeping a memory box is a great way to gather together bits and pieces that have the power to transport us to another time. Ready to start your collection? We’ve got five tips to get you started. You don’t have to go out and spend a

Study reveals how a bad manager can damage your sleep

These two common managerial habits could be the reason why you're not getting enough sleep, according to new research It’s something that we can all relate to: tossing and turning in bed, haunted by the stress and anxiety that has followed us home from work and hopped under the sheets with us. Sleep is a vital component in our wellbeing. Without it, we are more at risk of mental health problems – but with it, we’re better equipped to deal with the challenges that we face in our daily lives. An

The reading playlists designed to transport you into the pages

The International Booker Prize and music streaming platform Deezer have joined forces to create six playlists to switch on while flicking through some of this year’s most exciting reads What kind of reader are you? Do you inhale books faster than you can say ‘Dostoyevsky’, or do you flick through leisurely in a stolen moment of peace? Perhaps you like to curl up with a cup of tea, or maybe your style is more on-the-go? However you do it, reading has the power to completely remove us from our e

Researchers say this song reduces anxiety by 65%

According to neuroscientists, this song has the power to reduce our anxiety levels by 65%. But how does it work? We speak to a clinical psychologist to find out more Music has the power to completely transform our state of mind. We can all relate to that feeling when our favourite song comes on the radio or driving through town singing along to a track that we know all the words to. Beyond that, music can also soothe us and help us relax, transporting us to a peaceful and tranquil place. But s

11 male body confidence bloggers you need to follow now

Discover the men who are putting body confidence in the spotlight Over the past decade, body confidence has really taken off, and it’s teaching all of us how to love and accept ourselves in a shamelessly self-celebratory way. And we need it now more than ever. According to a 2019 survey by the Mental Health Foundation and YouGov, one in five UK adults have felt shame, and one third felt down or low, about their body image in the past year. When it comes to learning how to love yourself, so of

Parents of autistic children feel let down by the government lockdown

A survey has found that 86% of parents of autistic children believe that there has been a damaging lack of government support over the last three months Throughout lockdown, we’ve all had our various challenges to contend with but, wanting to get an idea of how the measures have effected the families of autistic children, researchers from UCL and UEL have highlighted the particular caregiving and wellbeing challenges faced by parents. Of the 449 survey participants, 86% felt that the needs of

3 virtual talks to help you learn about the menopause

It’s a natural part of life, but how much do you really know about the menopause? Tune into the virtual talks that explore this important topic There’s an elephant in the room and it’s called the menopause. The menopause is when a woman stops having periods and is no longer able to get pregnant naturally. According to the NHS, the menopause occurs between 45 and 55 years of age and, in the UK, the average age for a woman to reach the menopause is 51. But, despite the fact that menopause is a

5 mental health lessons we've learned in lockdown

Five people share what lockdown has taught them about their mental health, and what they hope to keep up as we ease back to normal Lockdown has presented us with many challenges, but it has also brought opportunities to assess what’s really important to our lives and our wellbeing. As we break free from our routines and move at a slower pace, there are mental health lessons to be learned from lockdown living. Here, we explore the tips we want to take with us as things gradually return to norma

Black Minds Matter offers free counselling to Black people

Addressing the racist disparity in mental health care, the organisation pays for sessions with Black counsellors – and we can all get involved with supporting the cause Across the world, we’re finally beginning to face the implications and realities of generations of racial discrimination. And while there's a lot of hope to be found in the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement, it has also been a deeply painful and triggering time. With that in mind, now is an important time to acknowled

20 greatest mental health books

Empathy, escapism, or insight, a good book can be like a friend in troubled times. In this entirely subjective list, we’ve compiled must-read books from our readers and colleagues, which have made a huge impact on their lives in times when they needed it most Joint winner of the Booker Prize 2019, Girl, Woman, Other follows the lives of 12 people as they navigate questions of class, race, sexuality, gender, and friendship. If you’ve ever been plagued by self-doubt, this book is a must-read.

What is Juneteenth and how can we mark it this year?

Discover the history behind the day, and learn how it’s relevant today Juneteenth is the national holiday that marks the anniversary of the emancipation proclamation in Texas, the last un-emancipated state in the USA, and the final step to freeing enslaved black Americans. While the emancipation proclamation was first signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, it took more than two years before all enslaved black Americans were free. Some landowners continued their operations in southern sta

Parents call for flexible working post-COVID-19

Nine in 10 working parents want to retain flexible working once life has returned to normal Without denying the life-changing challenges that have come with the COVID-19 pandemic, for many, there have been some positive aspects of lockdown life – and flexible working is one element at the forefront of many parent’s minds. A survey by the work-life balance charity Working Families found that pre-lockdown just 65% of parents and carers had flexible working opportunities, compared to 84% in lockd

5 fun activities you can do at a distance

Staying in touch with friends and family has never been more important, so how can you keep things exciting? Based on the Radio 4 show that asks guests to pick eight tracks, one book, and one luxury item to keep them entertained while stranded on a desert island – doing your own version is a great way to share the songs that shaped your life, and learn more about your nearest and dearest. Create a group chat, assign one person each night to share their selection, and listen to each track togeth

What is bibliotherapy?

Stories have the ability to guide us through life’s biggest challenges, and offer an escape when we need it most. Bibliotherapy is the practice that prescribes clients reading lists based on their needs and circumstances. But how does it work? Find more exclusive wellbeing content in Happiful magazine's July 2020 issue. Order your printed copy to be delivered straight to your door, or subscribe for our free digital edition. How did you feel when ‘the famous five’ discovered the map for Kirrin
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